• Application of medicated oil over the whole body in a rhythmic way followed by gentle massage in seven different body postures for 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Different types of medicated oils are used for different disease conditions and rejuvenation of the body
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improves vigour and vitality
  • Increases musculature tone
  • Promotes good sleep and reduces nerve weakness
  • Softens skin and rejuvenates complexion
  • Tones up Dhathus – basic principles of the body
  • Reduces mental tension
  • Increases strength and functional efficiency of musculature
  • Abhyangam can be done for a single day for rejuvenation. It can also be done as a treatment for 7 to 14 days

Podikizhi/ Elakizhi

  • Process by which perspiration is produced by the external application of a linen bag filled with medicated powder/ processed herbal leaves
  • These linen bags are then heated in medicated oil and applied all over the body until the desired perspiration is attained. The treatment is done for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Used very effectively for all rheumatic disorders,arthritic conditions, spondylosis and paralytic conditions
  • Helps build musculature
  • Prevents muscle stiffness and muscular sprain
  • Promotes oleation and perspiration at the same time


  • Process by which perspiration is produced by the external application of a linen bag filled with a bolus of njavara rice cooked in milk and medicated decoction. The bags are dipped and boiled in milk and decoction, and applied on the body continuously for 45 to 60 minutes. The treatments can be done for 7,14 or 21 days depending on the condition of the disease or rejuvenation required.
  • Increases the tone and shape of muscles particularly in cases of muscular weakness
  • Effective in degenerative changes in muscular-skeletal complications
  • Enhances strength, vitality and complexion of the body
  • Prevents complications due to old-age and frailty


  • Pouring of medicated buttermilk over the forehead and scalp continuously in an oscillating rhythm for 45 to 60 minutes. Can be done, for a period of 7 to 14 days.
  • Rejuvenates brain cells and improves memory
  • Reduces sleeplessness and mental tension
  • Can be used for all types of headaches
  • Very effective in premature graying and hair falling
  • Shows immense response in skin diseases like psoriasis

Thaila Dhara

  • Process by which medicated lukewarm oil is poured over the forehead and scalp continuously for 45 to 60 minutes. Can be done, for a period of 7 to 14 days.
  • Maintains equilibrium of body and mind and enhances strength
  • Increases memory and clears the voice tone
  • Proven effective in relieving all types of stress and strain
  • Energises the body from restlessness


  • Process by which medicated lukewarm oil is kept over the shaven scalp in a leather cap, which is tied over the head for 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Rejuvenates nervous system and thereby controls all systems of the body
  • Very effective for treating insomnia, speech problem, and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Very effective in treating disorders affecting sense organs


  • Application of either medicated oil, ghee, milk, or herbal powder through nostrils. In Ayurveda, nostrils are considered as the pathway to the brain. As such, the purification and rejuvenation of brain cells can be done easily through nostrils.
  • The process is done after applying oil and steam on the face
  • Highly effective in diseases related to head and neck
  • As the medicines applied come in direct contact with brain cells, it also improves brain functions


This is a process during which medicated fumes are applied to the ears for 5 to 10 minutes. This process helps to clean the ear and avoid ailments associated with the ear.


This is a cleaning process for the eyes, which results in a cooling effect, prevents cataract and strengthens the optic nerve.

Face Pack

This is the traditional ayurvedic facial, which is very refreshing. This treatment will leave you with beautified skin and toned up facial muscles.

General Massage

Body massage with herbal powder or oil for one hour to tone up the body and improve blood circulation.

Shiro Dhara

This is a process of pouring warm medicated oil onto the forehead. It promotes sleep and reduces mental stress. It is also useful for the treatment of migraines, deafness, diseases affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, and a host of other conditions. 

Kati Vasti

Medicated oil is allowed to stand over the lower back for 30 minutes. Effective for lower backpain and vertebral disorders.


This is mainly a lubricating treatment. Lightly heated medicated oils are applied all over the body accompanied by a gentle massage. Useful in the treatment of neurological disorders, arthritic conditions, insomnia and anxiety. It can also be used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, nerveous weakness, diabetes,  convulsions, paralysis. It can help slow the aging process. It has also proved effective in treating asthma and even early stages of tuberculosis. 


Herbal powder massage useful in reducing excess body fat, cellulite and obesity.

Netra Tarpanam

Special medicated ghee rests over the eyes for some time. This treatment sharpens vision, strengthens the optic nerve and cools down irritated and stressed eyes. 


This is a medicated enema to remove toxins, tone and rejuvenate the colon. Two types of vasti can be used depending upon the need; with oil (for toning) and with decoction (for cleansing). The enema contains a mixture of medicated oil, herbal decoction, honey, herbal paste and rock salt. Useful in strengthening the central nervous system and addressing, various muscular and arthritic conditions, low back pain, constipation and many more.