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Tourist Spots


Veli Tourist Village

A large recreational centre located near the airport along a sheltered lagoon, the Veli Tourist Village offers landscaped gardens and water sports facilities. It is a popular picnic spot. Accommodation facilities are available in the youth hostel.


16 kms from Trivandrum, it is both a pilgrim centre and a picnic spot, with a waterfall nearby. On the banks of the Karamana River, the spot houses a temple, where a rock cut shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagvathy, the divine embodiment of female power. A stream with fishes, which come up to be fed by visitors, is another attraction.

Beema Palli

(5 kms south of Trivandrum) An important Muslim pilgrim centre, it is dedicated to Beema Beevi, a pious Muslim lady believed to have possessed divine powers. Devotees of all faiths visit the mosque.

Public Park

Truly a representative of the clean and verdant aspect of the city, the Public Park houses many important institutions, like the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. The observatory on the Observatory Hill is also located in the Public Park.


Vizhinjam, a fishing port near Kovalam, is becoming prominent for its ongoing pioneer project to generate electricity from wave energy.



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