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Facilities & Services

Ayushya is equipped with full-fledged facilities to provide holistic ayurvedic treatment and care. Apart from the regular facilities and services of a typical Ayurvedic Centre or Spa, the Ayusha Ayurvedic Centers at Kovalam, Kerala provides the following facilities and services to its customers:

  • Double or Single Rooms
  • 24-hour hot water supply to all rooms
  • Kitchen with safe drinking water, refrigerator and cooking facilities for guests
  • 24-hours Internet browsing facilities
  • Open space for yoga  - A yoga instructor will be available to assist you (Please remember to inform in advance, if you are interested in yoga)
  • Pickup from airport (Inform in advance)

The Ayushya Ayurvedic Centre at Trivandrum and the Ayushya Pharmacy at Vellayani near Trivandrum are also state-of-the-art with a tidy and hygienic environment to ensure that the health and wellness therapies provided at Ayushya are most effective for its customers.

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