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Welcome to the guest book of Ayushya. Please take a few minutes to write down what you really think about Ayushya, the therapies we offer, the personalized services we provide, or simply tell us what you think about our website. We would be happy to use your feedback or suggestions to improvise our site / services.
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Posted By  :   Sanjay Kulkarni on Nov 12, 2007  
Comments :   I would like to thank Dr Sambhu for suggesting a medicine for acidity and migrane which has been very effective in my case. I am almost relieved out of the fear of getting the attack due to my eating habits or fasting. Now I am more strong to do whatever I please without the fear of acidity/ gas/ migrane. Thankyou doctor, I would like to consult you in future for more ailments.



Posted By  :   Ernest on Dec 16, 2008  
Comments :   For the third time in three years I got a great treatment. It changed my life substantially. Since two years I do yoga now and feel great. It is a real pleasure to stay at the clinic. Sambhu and Hema are superb doctors.

Posted By  :   Aden on Feb 02, 2009  
Comments :   I feel like I'm giving away the world's best kept secret. I recommend the treatment wholeheartedly ... it is done with integrity, honesty and compassion!

Posted By  :   woltz stephane on Feb 17, 2009  
Comments :   One thank you to all the team of Ayushya!The best address to Kovalam!We shall return as fast as possible. February 2009.

Posted By  :   ingel marcellino on Apr 09, 2009  
Comments :   the real ayurveda is practiced here with an eye on further developments in the science and desises. life and generations long experince.i had many of an occasions to be treated by dr. Sambhu even in very dangerous matters and i must say that he cured me inside out! he knows the very profound core of the patient the treatment and himself, I trust him fully completedly for everything concerning my and my family health.Dr.Sambhu is the best!!!i assure you.

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