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The frequently asked questions will be published here from time to time. So please be sure to check back soon.
   What is the main advantage of Ayurveda?
 This comprehensive system of natural medicine of ancient India offers methods which help each of us to create perfect health and positive living through the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Perfect health is experienced when mind, body and environment are in complete harmony. The wholeness of the individual is always at the center of this ancient, proven system of health.

   What is the speciality of ayushya ayurvedic centre?
Ayushya Ayurvedic centre offers traditional practice of ayurveda in original form.

   Which are the main treatments in ayurveda?
Ayurvedic procedures enhance restore and renew ones health through cleaning (Sodhana), Palliation (Samana), Rejuvenation (Rasayana) and mental hygiene (Satwavajaya).

   What is the importace of palliation (Samans)?
In certain conditions cleaning will not be possible here the herbal medicines and some simple techniques will be given to get relief from symptoms.

   What is Panchakarma ?
It is a group of five major cleaning procedures of Ayurveda. They give prolong and extreme Cleaning to body. Panchakarma through detoxification, improves health as well as vitality and performance incase of chronic disorders leads to relief from complaints slowly. The success of your treatment can be enhanced with individually prescribed ayurvedic herbal and mineral preparations.

   How is Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Therapy) useful?
This deals with the promotion of strength and vitality.IT promotes memory, intelligence, immunity against the disease, integrity of body matrix, preservation of youth, luster and complexion and maintenance of optimum strength. Restore and repair worn out tissue and stops prematre aging.

   What is meant by stress management?
This is helpful in removing the causative factors of somatic and psychosomatic diseases, neurological disorders, certain vascular states, musculo skelental diseasesm metabolic and degenerative disorders and repiratory diseases can be treated with this.

   Which are the packages ayushya offer?
Ayushya offers packages for panchakarma, slimming program, stess management, beauticare and rejuvenation.
 Abhyangam: Whole body massage with specific medicated herbal oils
or     stress relief, nervous stimulation, toning up of muscles, obesity, diabetes, skin diseases, rejuvenation and immunization.
Shiro Dhara: Warm medicated oil is allowed to fall from a pot through a wick on to the forehead. Useful in promoting sleep,reduce mental stress etc. The course of treatment is effective for migraine, deafness, diseases affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, insanity, diseases and wounds etc.
 Kati Vasti: Medicated oil is allowed to stand over the lower back for 30 minutes.       Useful in lowbackpain and vertebral disorders.  
Ilakizhi/Podikizhi: . Leaves and powders of medicinal herbs are tied in cotton bags are heated in medicated oil. These bags are used to massage the body. Useful in inflammatory conditions,spondylosis etc.   also effective for various kinds of arthritis, muscular pains, back pain, sports injuries and for all other soft tissue inflammations especially joint pains
Pizhichil: This is mainly a lubricating treatment. Gently heated medicated oil is applied all over the body accompanied by gentle massage. Useful in neurological disorders, arthritic conditions, insomnia anxiety it is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, nervous weakness, diabetes, blood pressure, fits, convulsions, paralysis and helps to arrest the aging process. It is very effective in asthma and even in tuberculosis in early stages. etc.
Udvarthanam: Herbal powder massage useful in reducing the excess body fat. Useful in obesity,cellulities etc.
Navarakizhi: This is a strengthening fomentation Special type of rice is boiled with milk and herbs tied into boluses in cotton bags. These boluses are again heated in medicated milk andrubbed all over the body. employed in all kinds of neurological disorders It enhances physical consistence

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